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Lichen planus actinicus

Lichen planus actinicus

DSC05196_editedDSC05202_editedClinically, we encounter  4 types of lichen planus actinicus (LPA) during daily dermatological practice. These are:

1. Classical (Annular) LPA (commonest type)      2. Melasma-like LPA     3. Diffuse (Mask-like) LPA    4. Lichen nitidus-like LPA

A middle-aged woman has suffered a slightly pruritic but cosmetically bothering hyperpigmented slightly scaly rash confined to photosensitive areas of the face and dorsa of the hands of two years duration. The rash is persistent through out the year but usually exacerbates during spring and early summer. The color of the rash was characteristically pinkish-purplish on the face and more darkly pigmented and shiny on the hands.